Mary is amazing! I have known her for several years. She has a calming energy about her that makes whatever she predicts seem better even when the news is not what you really want to hear. Mary tells it like it is which is very refreshing. I can't imagine life without her wonderful spirit. She is the best!

Mary is a real treasure.  In the two years I've known her, pretty 
much everything she's predicted has come to pass -- maybe not exactly 
according to the predicted timeline, but sooner or later it's all 
come about, just as she said it would.  A few times it's been almost 
eerie to hear someone say, word for word, what Mary said that person would say.  I like Mary because she doesn't sugar-coat, will tell you what she thinks
even if it's not what you want
to hear, and will flat- out tell you if she thinks you're
wrong about something. 
She has my highest recommendation.

Mary is a psychic that I was lucky enough to come across and have used the services of for almost ten years now.  She's given me reading after reading after reading and I'd have to rate her accuracy, in all that time, at at least 95%!  She's accurately read when a special someone is going to call me, she's been right on target about an unsavory professional and predicted countless other situations that came to pass with a consistency that has truly continued to amaze me.  When she told me, so many years ago, that she didn't even need to hear my voice anymore because she was totally tuned into my energy,  (I started with phone sessions) she wasn't kidding!  I highly recommend her service to anyone who wants the real thing in psychics.  I'd never go to anyone else!  If you want me to tell you more, you can email me at  Once you've tried Mary, you'll have no desire to go to anyone else!  Thank you so very much, Mary.  You are the BEST!


I have been a client of Mary's since December 2004.  Since then I have used her services many many times .  When I first started using her, it was for a love situation.  Even though, that relationship never worked out (NOW I'm so glad it didn't) Mary would tell me this guy didn't deserve me, and he didn't, yet I had to figure out that for myself. When Mary would do a reading for me, it was accurate 99.9%every time.  Even when I thought she was wrong, it turned out she wasn't.  I have also used her for other situations and again, right on the spot.  You can count on her to tell you exactly what she sees, even if it isn't what you want to hear.  You can definitely count on her to be totally honest with you.  Also, every time I have needed her, she has been there.  I trust Mary completely and would never use anyone else. 

I have been getting readings from Mary for the past 6 years and I can honestly say, I will continue to keep getting them.  Mary has given me in-depth knowledge on many aspects of my life, from health related issues, love relationships, career input, as well as on my pets and their well being.  Mary is very straight forward, yet caring and sensitive.  No topic is off limits!  She is right on when it comes to her readings and is very insightful.  You will not be disappointed!                                                                  
Tara, Colorado
I have a background in psychology and can read people well, but I have sought Mary's advice and empathic abilties for over 5 years now, about so many matters. She will absolutely astonish you with her accuracy. Her ability to pick up on energies is unparalled. She can predict certain events that comes to pass exactly as she says it will. Mary can pinpoint exactly what a person is feeling and she is completely honest about what she sees and does not just tell a person what they want to hear.

In addition to her gifts, she is an articulate, kind, wonderful person who has your best interest at heart.
I trust her completely. I highly recommend you give Mary a call and see for yourself why I have been her client for several years.

I have been having readings from Mary since 2004.  She is straightforward, honest and very accurate.  She is also a very kind and caring person, and truly wishes the best for her clients.

I have been a client of Marys for the past 2 years.  Mary is an amazingly accurate psychic reader.  I have had every type of reading Mary offers over the last 2 years and as incredible as it sounds (you really do have to see it for yourself and you'll believe)  Mary is 95+%accuratete on all readings.  Even when I had doubt and thought, ya no way can't possibly  -- I ended up sending Mary an email the next morning saying, "OMG, it was just like you said it would be"  This really is a regular occurance and I am still amazed at Mary's true power of sight.  I still eagerly seek out Mary's readings and know that what I receive from her will be accurate, compassionate, and the truth about the situation even if it isn't outwardly visible.
If I said Mary's readings were 100% accurate, noone would believe me, but I would attest to the fact that Mary is as close to perfect as you will ever find.  I encourage you to try one reading with Mary, you will be a true believer too. LC
I have enjoyed many readings with Mary over the past few years. Mary is phenomenal and brings fantastic, positive energy to her readings. Sometimes I would just ask a couple of questions – often I was delighted to hear really good news and nothing to worry about, and even if the things Mary saw were not to my liking, I always felt like she gave me valuable tools to work through the challenges I was facing – so I found her to be very accurate when assessing relationship and job situations, and her advice works. It is clear to me that Mary cares deeply about her clients and very skillfully helps them to understand the dynamics of situations they are facing.

    As I sat down to write this testimonial for Mary...I had to does one sum up all the wonderful things she does in such a tidy paragraph.  Mary is so much more than a psychic....she is caring and compassionate....Your well being is always her first concern....which is why in some cases she may tell you things you don't want to hear.....but trust me, they are always for your own good.  She helps find solutions to what is troubling you....even if it means sending you in a direction you may not want to go.  She will always tell you the truth, good, bad or indifferent.  It has been a few years since I first spoke to Mary, and over the years, besides being a gifted psychic and wonderful teacher....she has become a part of my extended family.  I'm sure I would have eventually stumbled across my path without her assistance....but it would have taken much longer and been much more painful without her.  So have faith...Mary will take great care in guiding you...where ever it is you may be destined to go.