"Listen to the heart,
                             The pulse of life
                             The cosmic rhythm
                      Beating and renewing us each moment"

       (Healing the Heart, by Daya Sarai Chocton)

Life is a series of choices that we make and we are, in essence, the choices we make. Let me help you not only make the right choices for your life, but also let me help you learn how to access your intuitive sense so that YOU will be able to discern the right path for yourself.

No psychic is 100%, but my accuracy rating is quite high and I can give you dates and times, I can tell you what someone is feeling about you.

I am also a medical intuitive, and can read potential illnesses and weak spots in humans as well as pets.

I can read people who have passed over, as well as doing pet readings.  My goal is to give you the most accurate, compassionate reading that I possibly can.   Contact me!